Coming April 28th, 2021


Two men with undeniable chemistry, one chance encounter that starts it all.


Hayden Murphy is done with love. He’s sworn off finding another partner after the death of his husband eighteen months ago. He’s finally starting to feel like himself again and is focused on rebuilding his friendships and his work as a physiotherapist.


Eric Connors is over relationships. After breaking up with his longtime girlfriend, he’s ready to enjoy the single life. He doesn’t want or need another partner… Until he meets Hayden at the scene of an accident while on duty as a paramedic, then keeps running into him in the most random places.


Neither man can deny the chemistry between them or the fact that fate seems bound and determined to keep thrusting them together. As the men continue to meet and give in to their desires, that chance meeting grows into a friendship with benefits. Both men are reluctant to want more, but even they can’t keep things completely casual the more time they spend together.


Will their pasts keep them from seeing what’s right in front of them? Or will Hayden and Eric realize that there is life, and love, after loss?


Chance Encounters is a steamy 70k word hurt/comfort story featuring an adventurous paramedic, a quirky physiotherapist, a creative use of mirrors, and all the feels.


Cameron Adams had no idea what to expect when he took a position as a live-in nanny for widower Nathan Meyers. Dealing with three headstrong kids who are used to getting what they want is tough enough, but add that Nathan is smart, sexy and full of surprises to the mix, and Cameron is in way over his head.

Nathan knows that having any sort of relationship with his kid’s new nanny is inappropriate. It doesn’t matter that Cameron is the first man to make him feel anything in years. Cameron is off limits, but the more time Nathan spends with the younger man, the more their attraction to each other grows.

As the men grow closer, they have to decide whether what they have is worth risking Cameron’s job and Nathan’s principles. Neither has ever felt a connection like this before, but both have their own demons to work through before they can be open to the chemistry between them.


*The Manny is a steamy, 60k word story featuring a small age gap, a widow learning to love again, a manny who connects with the family, and three precocious kids.


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Moving out of the apartment I shared with my brother could have been a disaster. After making the decision only weeks before the start of school, I'm forced to sign a lease to sublet a place with a roommate I've never met. Adam doesn't seem like a serial killer, and he is the star pitcher of the school baseball team, so I guess I'm safe. Except for the fact that my body can't seem to understand that he's straight and not interested in someone like me.

Getting cheated on by the girl I was supposed to be moving in with sucked, but having to find a new place only weeks before the start of school added a layer of awful I didn't want to deal with. Thankfully the guy I end up rooming with seems cool, but there’s something about Logan that makes me question everything I've ever thought about myself. I've always been attracted to women, so why can't I get my handsome roommate out of my head?

** This is Book 3 in my Robson Brothers series. It can be read as a standalone, and is a low angst roomates to lovers new adult story.


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It was supposed to be a sixty-day fitness challenge where my friend and housemate kicked my butt into shape. Jake and I were as different as could be. He was a gym rat who loved the party scene, and I was a gamer who preferred to hang out in small groups. We were great as friends, but when things started to shift between us, I had no choice but to go with it.


*The Challenge is a 20k word standalone novella. 


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